Short Fiction Posted

I've posted all of my short fiction from the Starbreaker saga, spanning 2012-2018.


The people of a newly resettled town have stumbled upon one of the old empire's darker secrets, left festering since Nationfall. Now its guardian is out for blood, steadfastly determined to carry out his final orders, and Naomi Bradleigh must stop him.

(I eventually expanded this novelette into a web serial and novel called Silent Clarion.)

The Milgram Battery

Before Morgan can take his oath and serve as an Adversary sworn to prosecute tyranny, corruption, and exploitation he must face a final ordeal sequenced from his own nightmares and the obedience experiments of Stanley Milgram. "The Milgram Battery" was originally published in the Curiosity Quills: Primetime anthology.

Tattoo Vampire

I think I wrote this before "Steadfast", and it ties into that novelette since it involves another survivor of "Project Harker", a series of unethical experiments on by the North American Commonwealth military's Advanced Research Projects Agency on CPMD+ soldiers at Fort Clarion just before Nationfall. Yes, I stole the title from a Blue Öyster Cult song.

The Holiday Rush

Curiosity Quills Press wanted a short story for their website to help promote the Starbreaker saga, something that showed my characters being heroic. I basically wrote this for exposure, like a schmuck. Don't expect much; I might have revised this once before publication. It originally appeared on their website as "Of Cats and Cardigans".

Limited Liability

Michael Chapman is about to launch the biggest venture of his life. Whether he succeeds or fails, the consequences will be earth-shattering, but there's one person would rather not see the earth shattered… "Limited Liability" originally appeared in Curiosity Quills: Chronology.

Thirteen Cuts

A guilt-ridden young man seeks absolution from a therapist who wouldn't grant it even if he were qualified to do so. The only hope for atonement is a return to the scene of the crime.

Going Pseudonymous

I've been thinking this over for a long time, and I've decided that I no longer wish to publish my stories under my "real name". Instead, I'll be using a pseudonym: "Cat Loveless". I want to promote more distance between my writing and my day job, something I should have done from the beginning.

Starbreaker (200x): a trunk novel

I just finished converting and uploading my 2009 trunk novel, Starbreaker. I had originally planned to put it on my personal website, but decided that since I'm using PHPetite it might be better to make the novel its own "site" and share it on

If you'd rather read this in your feed reader, here's the Atom feed.

Hello World

Hello. I’m Cat Loveless, and this is the site I’ve built to share my Starbreaker stories online.

Starbreaker is a project I’ve been working on since 1996. It got the name from the song by Judas Priest, but has nothing to do with the DC villain. I’m sorry if this confuses anybody.

Starbreaker started out as a pastiche of games and anime from the 1990s such as Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, Metal Gear Solid, SaGa Frontier, Vagrant Story, Xenogears, Megami Tensei, Vampire Hunter D, Akira, Demon City Shinjuku, X/1999, and Ghost in the Shell mixed in with imagery drawn from heavy metal and progressive rock lyrics and fiction by Michael Moorcock, Roger Zelazny, and C. L. Moore (among many others). Over the years I’ve refined it into something more completely my own.

The core musical influences include…

You might have heard of it. It’s actually still a godawful pastiche and mainly resembles Elric on a Harley, but whatever. LOL

In the 2010s I managed to publish two novels and several short stories with a now-defunct outfit called Curiosity Quills Press. Now that the publication rights for the most recent works have reverted to me, I’ve decided to do what I wanted to do back in 2000 and start publishing Starbreaker as web fiction on this site.


These are the Starbreaker stories Cat Loveless has written and published over the years, mainly with the now-defunct Curiosity Quills Press.

They are currently stalled on When You Don't See Me due to emotional difficulties caused by family troubles and the general difficulty of life during a pandemic.

Since the rights to the most recent materials reverted to them at the end of 2020, they're putting everything online.

Title Length Status Date
Cage of Mirrors novel planning TBD
When You Don't See Me (ver. 2) novel planning TBD
When You Don't See Me (ver. 1) novel stalled 2020-12-17
"Thirteen Cuts" story online 2018-09-30
Silent Clarion novel online 2016-10-17
"Limited Liability" story online 2015-01-01
"The Holiday Rush" story online 2014-12-24
Without Bloodshed novel online 2013-11-17
"Tattoo Vampire" story online 2013-11-05
"The Milgram Battery" story online 2013-10-07
Steadfast novelette online 2012-11-22
Starbreaker novel online 2009-05-19


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Cat Loveless is a pseudonym for a husband-and-wife creative team located in the eastern US: Matthew Graybosch and Catherine Gatt. The Starbreaker saga is what brought them together over twenty years ago; Matthew does most of the writing, and Catherine helps with editing and development.


Starbreaker is a collection of science fantasy pastiches by Cat Loveless that they write mainly on their lunch breaks at work. It's also an homage to their favorite heavy metal bands, speculative fiction authors, video games, and anime. They call their work pastiche instead of fanfic because they don't use existing characters or settings.

In the year 2112...

The dark lord wears white
He already rules the world
Now he's trying to save it
He might even succeed...
...with a little help from his enemies.


Starbreaker is a collection of science fantasy pastiches by Cat Loveless. Soul-searching androids and swashbuckling sopranos struggle against corruption and fight demons from outer space.

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