Hello. I'm a science fantasy author and long-haired metalhead who codes for a living, and this is my personal website. The contents are doubtless of little interest to anybody besides me, but if I'm wrong about that then you're welcome to read, bookmark, and link. If you enjoyed something you read here, please let me know. Thanks for visiting.


This page offers information about me, this website, and my kitchen sink fanfic saga.
This is a summary of changes I've made to this website, in reverse chronological order, for anybody who's interested.
old version
This is the old version of, made with GNU Emacs and Org Mode. It should still mostly work, but I'm not making any promises. I will eventually take this down.

unsolicited writing advice

Questions For Your Cast
If you’ve been worldbuilding but don’t have a story, it might be because you haven’t given character development enough attention.

essays, opinions, and manifestos

Party Like It’s 1989
It seems all but obligatory to have a manifesto if you have a personal website nowadays. Here’s mine, ’cause I’m nostalgic for the pre-Geocities CERN aesthetic.

This is my email address, and your best bet for reaching me.
Please allow 7-14 days for a reply.
This is my current Mastodon account. Feel free to follow me until I remember why I deleted my last account and nuke this one, too.
This is my main Discord account. I use it mainly for Yesterweb and NaNoWriMo chat.
This is me on, a little social status posting service operated by m15o. The only way to follow me there is via Atom feed.

a resistance effort opposing the commercial internet's tendency to become QVC with a comments section
This is one of the oldest continually-operating websites that I personally know of; I discovered a lot of bands because of this guy.
This is Bradley Taunt's personal website. He's a web designer who inveighs against the use of CSS and JavaScript. I like his style.
This is a plain motherfucking website. No JavaScript. No CSS. No inline styles. No SSL.
This is a less plain motherfucking website. No JavaScript. No inline styles. No SSL. 7 lines of CSS.
This is a further improvement over its predecessors, and the best according to its creator. Still no JS or inline styles, but it's served over HTTPS and has a trendy TLD.
This is the web version of WebAIM's web accessibility evaluation tool. A woman I worked with encouraged me to use this to test the accessibility of web apps I was building at my day job, and I ended up using it on my personal websites too.
Sadness' personal website. She parties like it's 1999.
This site provides a variety of cursors you can use on your website.
Here's another site that provides cursors for websites; they claim to be the original, but I haven't verified that.
Here's another cool-looking 1990s style website. I like the USB tail in the header graphic.
This is Kev Quirk's website. He's an infosec/web design type and runs a popular Mastodon instance.
Extreme HyperText Movement for Luddites: build websites with no JavaScript and as little CSS as you can (preferably none)
The Website Obesity Crisis
A transcript Maciej Cegłowski's talk about why it's bad for an online news article containing 500-1000 words of text to weigh in at over two megabytes

looking for a different starbreaker?

a song from Judas Priest's 1977 album, Sin After Sin
a heavy metal supergroup fronted by Tony Harnell
Star Breaker
a Japanese RPG for the PC-Engine console developed by RayForce in 1994 that looks like a rip-off of Phantasy Star
a DC comics villain that first appeared in 1972, an energy vampire that sounds like Galactus with the serial numbers filed off